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Casting de l'agence Dynamite - Anglophone : Pubs et modeling

Pour cette annonce il est impératif de parler courramment l'anglais !


Agency Dynamite
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Phone : + xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Fax : + xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

You are a model or you wish to become a model:
Dynamite recruits Men and Women from 16 years old.
For the girls: 172 cm min
For the boys: 182 cm min

We also recruit professional actors for advertising films.

If you are beginner, you must live in Paris or its area. You can address us is by mail, or email (see form below), a portrait with your CV and a stamped envelope for the response.

If you are a professional model or actor, address your comp card or picture (13*18) accompanied by your CV and a stamped envelope for the response.

If your candidature is retained, the booking team will contact you for an inscription interview.

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